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The Library is owned and operated by the North Hatley Library Association, a private organisation. The earliest records of the Library show that it was active prior to 1898. Without financial support from any level of government for 90 years, the generosity of the community allowed it to establish and expand its attractive building and its extensive collection. Since 1986, some government projects have allowed the Library to purchase equipment and to hire a student in the summer.

The Library's collection consists of 18 000 titles, 6 000 of which are for young readers. Although the budget for new books is limited, every effort is made to meet the needs of members with the best of current fiction and non-fiction, as well as the classics. Members' requests and suggestions are always considered very seriously.

Other services offered by the Library include art exhibits, story hour for children in summer, regular visits by the students of the North Hatley Elementary School, visits of authors, trips to visit art exhibitions, poetry readings, book services for the Connaught Home, large print books and inter-library loan. Two computers are also available for members as well as wireless high speed access to the internet.

An article that appeared in Défi describes the Library in more detail.